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Welcome to seed chain sc., your number one source for all things in agriculture. We're dedicated to providing you the very best of coffee, pulses, oilseeds , livestock and so many agricultural products with an emphasis on technology block chain service and with an aim to build top of the line auctioning service for agricultural products by the year 2020. This service will enable to create a better platform for importers and exporters to interact with each other directly and avoid a third party interference. The service also aim to use blockchain service which has a lots of advantages like Great transparency, enhanced security, improved traceability and increased efficiency and speed.


Seed Chain Tr. S.c. is a dedicated Broker and Exporter company which provides you the very best of coffee, pulses, oilseeds ,
livestock and so many agricultural products with an emphasis on technology
service and with an aim to build top of the line auctioning service for agricultural products.

Ethiopia is one of the leading sesame seed producer and exporter countries in the world. China, India and Ethiopia are the top three sesame seeds producing country in the world. While China and India are the top consumer for sesame seed, Ethiopia exports almost all of its products to the rest of the world. Ethiopian Whitish Humeral Sesame Seed is the world leading brand for its high quality. It is produced in the fertile low land of North Western part of Country. The other major brand next to humeral sesame seed is whitish Wollega Sesame Seeds. It is produced in the South Western part of the Country. We offer the Humera type of sesame, which is known to be a premium variety. Native to the Humera district in northwest Ethiopia, it is prized for its white color, large size and special sweet, nutty taste Whitish Humera Type This has a good demand in the world market & known for its top quality. Also used as a reference for grading in the international market. It has similar smaller proper size and whiter in color, whitish sesame seeds, very good natural whitish color, new crop, well machine cleaned purity min 99%, oil content min 48%, moisture max 6%, free from any kind of infestation etc Wollega Type Whitish sesame seeds wollega type, usually it is suitable for oil crashing, machine cleaned min 98.5% pure, oil content min 51%, moisture max 6%, free from any kind of infestation etc.

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Niger seed, Castor Seeds ,Black Cumin Seed ,Peanut Seed ,Lin Seed ,Sesame seed, sunflower seeds,Soya Bean black cumin seed oil



teff, corn,wheat, barley,sorghum,millet,oats,

Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans

Coffee Robusta,Coffee Arabica,Ethiopian Coffee like Ghimbi and Yirgacheffe,sidama,jinka,







potatoes, onions, Cabbages,Bananas, Papayas and Mangoes,frsh onions.



Pepper,Chilli, Ethiopian Cardamom,Black Cardamom, White Cumin, Turmeric Dry Ginger, Cinnamon Black Cumin.



Roses, Ehtiopia Rose Girlsgypsophila, Hypericum, Limonium, Carnations & Chrysanthemum.

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